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You will find my top 10 autosurf traffic exchanges for getting free hits to your website that I recommend, all listed on this page.

Note: All of the free traffic exchange sites listed on this page are from service providers who offer some kind of automated systems for end users to get free hits to their sites. They are commonly known as autosurf traffic exchanges, auto traffic exchanges or auto surfing websites. Many people like these kind of free traffic exchanges when they want to direct a high volume of traffic to their sites, but aren’t too worried about the quality of service they get from that traffic.

If you are looking for real clicks to your offers, as in from real people and not some kind of autotraffic, you probably want manual traffic exchanges instead. I would suggest having a look at the page on the Best free manual traffic exchanges here.

There are many ways you can rank these sites, depending on what you think is most important. Some people just like to compare the ‘numbers’ while others like to look more at what features and functionalities they have and also the quality of service they provide. I have to say while I like to look at the numbers, I do tend to lean more to the latter.

You can click on the banners below to find out more about the best traffic exchanges before deciding to join. Be sure to continue reading below the banners on why these auto TE’s made my list of top 10 autosurf sites.

Top 10 autosurf traffic exchanges

hitleap automatic traffic exchange Hitleap


websyndic free clicks to your website Websyndic


otohits autosurf - free hits to your website Otohits


10KHits free website traffic 10KHits


247autohits traffic-exchange 247autohits


ablaze traffic exchange Ablaze with traffic


yibbida free hits Yibbida


twistrix traffic exchange service Twistrix


autoearnhits Autoearnhits


bighits4u high volume free web hits Bighits4u traffic exchange



The top autosurf traffic exchange sites winner is..

best traffic exchangeHitleap!

It’s probably no surprise for many people why it is first in my top 10 autosurf traffic exchanges list because of all the features and quality of service that it has to offer. If you aren’t using this one already, I would suggest taking a good look at it to see why it’s the number one of the best traffic exchanges.

Read all about The number one autosurf traffic exchange site to join here

How to find the best autosurf traffic exchange sites






How to find the best autosurf traffic exchange sites

Now, from having read my fair share of autosurf traffic exchanges reviews in my search to find a few reliable ones, I have come to the conclusion that peoples personal preferences must play a big part in how they rate many of these traffic sites (mostly I’m referring to the ones outside of the top three or four). If you have a look around the net and find a few sites with the latest auto TE rankings you will see what I mean.

My 3 top trafic exchanges of hitleap, websyndic and otohits appear in many rankings near the top of the lists and for good reasons. They are quite reliable at being able to drive a large amount of free autohits without too much fuss. There is a big problem with many ATE’s (auto surf traffic exchanges) and that is that they drop out of the surf or stop or get jammed up with popups or whatever, then you have to spend time to sort it out and get things moving again. It’s not really Auto if you have to keep watching and fixing things, is it? It just becomes a pain in the you know what.

To get around many of these problems, the ATE’s (many of the top traffic exchanges anyway) have developed their own’viewer’ which runs as a standalone type of browser that stops a lot of the annoying problems that plague these programs like popups, framebreakers and redirects etc. For the most part, they do a pretty good job and I think they are a great idea. Many of them now even allow multiple instances of the viewers to run simultaneously if they are running through different IP adresses.

This is a very good feature, as if you have a little technical know how, you could setup something like Oracles’ VM Virtualbox which will allow you to run many OS (operating systems, such as windows, linux etc) at the same time all with their own IP adress. too much website traffic at onceYou do need a fairly grunty machine to run this kind of setup, but I have run hitleap on 5 instances at once and the traffic is fantastic. I now spread those instances across a couple of machines. I want to be kinder to my hardware as it can get thrashed a bit 🙂

Be aware that even running a few autosurfs together can really use a lot of system resources and that your machine(s) can get very hot as a result, in a short space of time.

Some people want to run their machines 24/7 to accumulate huge free website traffic. That’s fine, but its good to check that your system fans are clean and the environment is well ventilated but not dusty to avoid dangerous overheating. It’s well known that some peoples dreams of huge, endless free website traffic have gone up in smoke.. literally! 🙁

So the standalone viewer and the ability to run multiple sessions are very high on my list of things you should be looking for in best traffic exchanges for autosurf. The potential to benefit from that kind of huge traffic can’t be discounted. The first four in my top 10 autosurf traffic exchanges list all have their own versions of these two important features and they work very well, and that’s why I think they stand out from rest.

Reliabilty is up there too. If I set up the ATE’s to run overnight, I want to be able to get up the next morning and just see the credit count has jumped up considerably, not have to find that it crashed or stalled because of some problems 30 minutes after I set it going. Now I know it must be a constant battle for ATE admins weeding out the dodgy pages that cause issues. It can’t be easy. But here is exactly where the ‘top’ ATE’s start to seperate themselves from the average ones. If they are on their game, you shouldn’t be experiencing many problems at all. With many though, sadly that’s not the case.

What can you use this free website traffic for?

Its true that this kind of mostly automated traffic isn’t the best to use for many things. You aren’t getting the ‘eyeballs’ on your offers as it is coming from automated systems instead of real people clicking on your links. But it does have it’s uses. And there are several. Some people like to use it to raise the profile of their website over time, which bulk traffic from these traffic sites can inded help to do. Many claim to be able to use it to make money through various different ways, but I’m still not sure about that. Many of those I have checked out just turned out to be rubbish and time wasters. One way I have found to use it is to send it to a site where I can get banner advertising for free. The site is Free banner hits and can learn more about how to do that there.

There are probably many other ways to use this traffic and I will be endeavouring to find the most useful and add the information here in the future. So be sure to bookmark and check back in at a later date.

Dont for get to check out the best free manual traffic sites here. Ads

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