Best traffic exchanges winner – Hitleap

Hitleap traffic exchange delivers huge free traffic to your sites quickly and efficiently


best traffic exchanges

 Best traffic exchanges winner – Hitleap



best autosurf traffic exchange sites to join | Hitleap


Get huge free traffic by earning Minutes

Hitleap traffic exchange is one of the top traffic exchanges and is extremely simple to use. You can get huge traffic to your websites by running the Hitleap viewer and earning Minutes. Minutes are used to deliver hits to your websites. You can choose the length of time you want the visitors to stay on your websites. So for example, If you choose a visitor duration of 30 seconds, one Minute (60 seconds) will get you 2 hits to your site. If you have submitted any websites, HitLeap automatically uses your Minutes and delivers hits to them.

What is the HitLeap Viewer?

The HitLeap Viewer is an autosurf application that will automatically show you the websites of other members. First, you download the application on the Earn Traffic page. After the installation has finished installing, run the HitLeap Viewer and follow the instructions. It is quick and easy to get installed and started. The Viewer is currently only available for Windows and Linux users. Mac users are only able to run the application through VirtualBox.

The viewer program is a great solution for solving a problem many traffic sites face. That problem is how to get great traffic to your sites without interruption from malware or the like. This is one great reason why Hitleap is rated best of the top traffic exchanges. Their system delivers uninterrupted traffic, period.

The minimum system requirements needed for the application are a 2GHz processor (with at least 2 cores), at least 1 GB of free RAM and at least a 1 Mbps internet connection. You can run multiple instances of the HitLeap Viewer assuming that they also have different IP addresses. So for example, you can run the viewer on multiple computers or through a program or Virtual Machine such as VirtualBox to greatly increase the Minutes earned from traffic sites, and therefore the hits you get to your sites.

How do I earn money with Hitleap?

The easiest way to earn money with Hitleap is by referring new people to your referral link. As soon as one of your referrals buys something from HitLeap, you are instantly credited with 25% of the purchase value. (this purchase value increases to 50% if you become an upgraded member and you’ll get 30% minutes commissions too! ).

Say for example your referral buys 25,000 Minutes for $21.00, you will then earn $5.25 which is added to your account’s cash balance. It can be withdrawn to your Paypal account when you have reached the minimum $5.00 balance. You can view your current cash balance and referral stats anytime on the Referrals page.


Get started earning traffic to your sites with one of the best traffic exchanges

best traffic exchange

HitLeap traffic exchange has a very simple, clean and easy to navigate design. It is yet another reason why we selected it as our top 10 autosurf traffic exchanges winner for 2016. New members will easily find out how to start using all the features of this top autosurf right away. Remember, you can begin getting traffic to your sites in as little as 10 minutes from now – for FREE



best autosurf traffic exchange sites to join | Hitleap

As a financial strategy that can pay off handsomely in dollars and traffic, I would recommend upgrading if you are able to. Begin by setting yourself a goal of getting a few HitLeap referrals. This will not only ensure your monthly fee is covered and you will be in profit, but the extra traffic you get from your referrals will really add up (remember you get 30% of your referrals traffic as an upgraded member and 50% of their purchases )

For the features and service they provide, they are head and shoulders above the competition, no doubt about it.




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