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The best free manual traffic exchanges to join are here in a feature rated list.

Hopefully, It will help you decide what traffic exchanges you wish to join and use, based upon what they have to offer you.

There are thousands of traffic exchange websites out there, so how do you go about choosing a good one? Is it important.. Does it matter? Well I currently belong to over sixty and lets just say they certainly aren’t all the same. There can be many benefits and disadvantages to different TE sites and believe me I have joined one or two duds! I will share my experience with you in what to look out for and how to choose a good TE (traffic exchange). Many of my favourites are consistently in the top TE rankings online.

Note: This page is only focussed on manual traffic sites, where there are real end-users clicking to view webpages and not on autosurf traffic, autosurf traffic exchanges, automatic traffic exchange or any kind of automated systems for viewing websites. If you are new to this and dont know the difference, I would suggest taking a little time to search google to learn more.

I know some people just like to dive in and get started, so if that’s you, feel free to click the banners and check out the individual exchange sites. You will learn more about how my list of top 10 best free manual traffic exchanges to join was formed further down the page. You’ll find a lot of details about what features and functionalities end-users should look out for when trying to determine what are the best free traffic exchange sites to join.

My top 10 best free manual traffic exchanges to join

tewebstar traffic exchange site

1 TEWebstar

TEWebstar is a great new kind of Traffic Exchange site. It is another custom designed site from the ground up from internet marketing guru Maryanne Myers. It is proving to be a very popular site and quite easy to get referrals in to join you. I chose to upgrade here and it paid for itself quickly (you get 50% of pro sales and 98% of The Box credit sales). If you upgrade, you can buy supernova spots which are permanent spots in the database to receive traffic to your TEwebstar referral page with unlimited traffic.. for life! The owner sends the traffic, but you get the signups and you get the commissions!

There are many innovative ways to advertise on this site such the travelling boxes which give an amazing amount of exposure for you and your site. Basically you place an ad for 400 credits. It travels across 18 of her most popular sites up on the top left corner getting thousands of views. The surfing is very good and has various generous prizes. I think probably the best thing is the site has very responsive traffic so you get good conversions on your offers. Free Members: Can List 2 websites, Pro Regular: Can List 4 websites and Pro Ultimate: Can List 8 websites. There are banner ads and text ads as well. There is such a lot on offer on this site and it is no wonder that Maryannes sites have become some of the most popular sites on the net today. You join free or upgrade to get all the extra benefits. Either way you are onto a winner here.


2 Easy hits 4u

One of the largest traffic exchanges with over 1.1 million members, so a lot of eyeballs get to see your ads. Surf ratio of 1:1. It has a good splash builder. Earn credits from your referrals on 5 levels. Has a built in rotator. You have 15 url’s to promote as a free member. It’s also possible to set geo targeting for your ads at easyhits4u. The quality of service on this site has to be mentioned too.


best free manual traffic exchanges 3rd place

3 Traffic G

Very well known and popular TE, trafficg has over 520,000 members. Its no wonder with features like a 1:1 surf ratio, unlimited sites to promote, Geo targeting and a 5 level reward program. It also has a free banner exchange. This is a great way to get thousands of free banner credits and get a boost for your advertising.

TrafficG also has a great feature where it has a ‘special referral link’. It allows you to put it into the startpage of your browser and you are credited every time you open your browser. You can also promote this on other sites and the beauty of this is it allows you to promote your TrafficG account, earning you referrals and credits at the same time! I have found TrafficG to be a great site for advertising too. I have received many referrals from advertising my other traffic exchange referral links here, using up all the easily gotten credits wisely 🙂


best free manual traffic exchanges to join 5th place is hitlink

4 Hitlink

You get prizes after surfing every 25 pages of credits banner impressions and cash. Weekly activity points jackpot. Surf ratio of 1:1. Other features include Geo targeting, a rotator and it has an excellent banner exchange in it too. I have had very good results, probably some of my best, running my banners on here. It features a banner exchange where you can really stack up a lot of banner credits really quickly if you know how. I will be updating with a post on how to do this very soon. It will show you how to do this and use this method in many other beneficial ways. A good site to belong too!


WebmasterQuest best free traffic exchange

5 WebmasterQuest

An older, popular site, that fairly recently underwent a makeover. It has a 1:1 surf ratio and Geo targeted traffic. You are able to promote unlimited sites. 5 level referral program with 10% commissions. Many kinds of traffic statistics can be monitored for some traffic shaping to benefit your advertising.


websitetraffichog top 10 free traffic exchanges in 8th place

6 Websitetraffichog

Joining bonus, surf 25 and receive 200 credits, 500 banners and 500 text links. A TE and a mailer all in one. You get up to 15 credits a day just to log in, even if you dont surf! It has a dynamic surf ratio – the more you surf the more you earn. Its a very generous site, many bonuses in the surf. It has VTG games (see below to learn more) where you can earn even more for having fun now and again while you surf.


top 10 best free manual traffic exchanges 9th place winner trafficncash

7 TrafficNcash

A traffic exchange which rewards you handsomely for promoting it everywhere you can. you Another very generous site in the surf, some of the prizes they give out are fantastic. When you join up, if you use the splash page link you will get 250 credits straight away to help your advertising. It has VTG games and also ZUBEE coins to collect for more benefits. They have feature days with promo codes to earn 50% more credits. Only has a six second timer, so a good site to quickly rack up the credits and it’s becoming more popular very quickly.


traffic corps website traffic

8 Traffic Corps

This is another fun site to surf that just made my list because it gives you up to 10 credits just to log in. You are emailed reminders a few times a day to log in for various events and just taking a few seconds to do this really lets you see your credits stack up quickly. It is also very generous in the surfing bonuses and has a dynamic surf rate – the more you surf, the more you are going to earn.

Use the bonus code ‘TrafficStryke‘ to join which will give you a good start with $1.00/200Credits/1000Banner impressions/1000Text Ad impressions. You will earn even more by staying longer and playing the featured VTG games which helps keep the surfing interesting 🙂


top 10 best free manual traffic exchanges great white hits

9 Great white hits

A great site that give you many bonuses the longer you surf. A great feature here is you get 10 credits just to log in each day with out even surfing. You can check your email daily for a Surf Promo Code, enter that code on the surf promo code page, then surf the required amount of pages to receive your bonus prizes. The admin runs a number of other great sites too.


booming website traffic

10 Booming Website Traffic

Booming Website Traffic is a traffic exchange and mailer combined. I like that you can get 10, 20 or 30 credits just for logging in and rating a site you see advertised. Quick credits = Nice! It has bonuses while surfing and also has the popular VTG games which are good to take part in to keep the surfing fun and win extra credits.

There is a generous sign up bonus when you join. You will get 500 credits, 1000 mailing credits and 500 banners and texts when you are an activated member. For this you just need to Join and surf 100. It has very catchy banners and splash pages which help when trying to build your downlines. There is a weekly ‘Click Qualifiers‘ contest which allows you to win cash commission, traffic credits, mail credits, banner and text ads based upon how much you have ‘clicked’ of surfed. There are many prizes here, and some of them are quite substantial which makes it a good incentive to surf more than 300 sites over the week. Then you will be entered into all categories – View 50, 150, 250, 300 or more.


In the beginning…

It doesn’t seem that long ago since I was bumbling about on the net trying to learn how to promote a site. I didn’t even know what a traffic exchange was or what they did. I just wanted to get started promoting a new offer I had. best free manual traffic exchanges end userWas it really so complicated? What information do you need and where do you put it? Do you really have to pay for ‘proper advertising’ or are there enough free alternatives that actually work well for someone with a slim budget? My wallet was more used to fresh air than anything else 🙂

Fortunately I found the answers to all these questions weren’t too hard to find. Mostly, all it really takes is a bit of time and patience reading and learning about them. If you can find some trustworthy peoples recommendations that helps. The next step is joining some and learning their basic features to see if they suit your needs and wants.

So thats what I did. After a few years and many hundreds of hours spent on using TE’s later, I decided to put this information together to help others not have to waste so much time as I did and to make the choosing part easier. That’s how this page on my top 10 best free manual traffic exchanges came about. I belong to many TE’s, but use mostly a core group of around 20 each week. I dont have to do too much clicking myself nowadays, as after finding some good ones, I spent some time and effort to promote them and have slowly built up many hundreds of referrals that earn me thousands of credits and free ads every week. I now try to pass on this information I have learnt to others, through this page and others of a similar nature I have written about ( ex: free banner hits – Get thousands of banner credits for free).

Things to look for in a good traffic exchange service.

So after reading so many other peoples reviews about their favoured TE’s, I have come to understand that how we rate them individually is very much dependant on how much importance we place on different aspects of the programs. Of course everyones tastes are different, so while some may say for example the 1:1 surf ratio is the most important thing, others will say it’s not of the upmost most importance to them. A lot will come down to how you personally see these things.

I am about to point out what I think are the most relevant things about TE’s to consider (and what allowed me to compile my list of top 10 best free manual traffic exchanges to join) and armed with that information, I’m sure you’ll determine what you think are your best exchange sites.

Surf Ratio – this is how many websites you view compared to how many credits you get for that view. Some very highly rated TE’s like TrafficG or Easyhits4U have a 1:1 ratio which means you view one site and you will get one full credit. Other exchanges may get you to view one site and give you 0.75 or 0.50 of a credit. Personally I like sites that have a 1:1 ratio but other good sites are out there that make up for a lower ratio by giving you extra bonuses the more you surf or with little games or puzzles to solve in the surf to keep things interesting.

Some even have what is called a Dynamic Ratio. This is where after you have viewed a certain amount of pages, they increase the surf ratio level to reward you. Basically many traffic exchange sites like to reward you if you put in some effort and view many pages in a day. This is good for you, if you are prepared to spend a little more time, as you can quickly stack up some extra credits. It’s good for them also because they make more money when a high volume of pages get shown. Remember, they are service providers that need you just as you need them. So, many will try to keep you happy.

Some people get overly hung up on 1:1 surf ratio’s, but site like Froghits and Omega Surf are proof that even though they have a lower than 1:1 surf ratio, they more than make up for it by how generous they are with the prizes and bonuses in the surf

Bonuses / Cash prizes in the surf – While surfing, many people tend to ‘switch off’ and just click the mouse now and again when necessary with out really noticing the Ads. This is called Ad Blindness and its a problem for the advertisers. One way to keep end-users engaged while surfing is to offer simple puzzles for you to solve and you win a prize or some even just give you a bonus if you ‘click here’.

Sometimes to check you are a real human and not a bot doing the surfing they also will give you a puzzle which you must pass – if you fail too many they take away your credits or may even ban your account ( yes, surfbots – automated systems designed to cheat exist. But most TE’s are pretty efficient at weeding them out – dont even go there) If you pass the test, you usually are rewarded as in this example below from top1surf.

trafficdatahumantest good traffic exchange service at top1surf

It really does pay to keep an eye on the pages you are surfing as the prizes or bonuses can certainly add up over the course of a month. Make sure you are getting the most out of them!


You will even come across some bonuses that have a game of chance option. surfers2ucashprizeThis next example tells you that you have won 7 credits. You can take them by clicking withdraw or you can take a chance and pick one of the three icons. If you choose the right one, you multiply your winnings by three! So in this case, it would be 21 credits, not bad eh? But if you choose the either of the others, you lose the 7 credits. How brave are you feeling? 🙂

Look out for sites that offer these kind of features and remember that they can certainly help to offset a lower surfing ratio.



Just as a sidenote, I have a few sites that I usually earn nearly $10 a month on through surfing and collecting the little cash prizes. It’s not huge amount, but it allows you to look at upgrading your account and getting a huge boost in your monthly advertising compared to a free membership.


Viral Traffic Games – This is a very popular game site that many TE’s have incorporated into their surf.



Its a good fun way to win lots of extras – credits, banners and cash prizes. You basically surf as per usual and between 25 – 40 page views, you will see the VTG logo popup on the left side fo the surfbar. You click this and it will open another tab with the game map for you to move your character and win something.

You do have to log in to VTG before you start playing on the site you are surfing. It is very popular with surfers, many of whom actively surf about 10 sites at once, and if a few of those sites are associated with VTG it is a great way to enhance your surfing sessions.


Log in Bonus – One of the functionalities I really like can be seen in Website traffic hog, where all you have to do is log in once a day and you can get up 15 credits – you dont have to surf, just log in! This is a good way of encouraging surfers to keep coming back. If I am busy and dont have much time to surf, I will still try and log in at least, because if you do the math, 7 x 15 credits daily = 105 credits in a week where you didnt even surf.. cool. I have come across quite a few sites that have this feature such as Omega ( 20 credits ) and Great white hits ( 10 credits ) Check them out. Easy credits!

Activity Bonus – Encouraging you to be active – Look out for whether or not there is an activity bonus or competition of some sort. It could be weekly or monthly, but regardless these are usually worthwhile to take part in.

surfers2u_activitypointsHow they work is you are awarded varying amounts of points for whatever activity you do on the traffic exchange. You could get points for surfing, points for logging in each day, points for logging in at least 5 days in a week, usually quite a lot of points if you refer a new member using one of your splash pages or referral link, and points if you happen to buy extra credits or have upgraded your membership and paid the subscription fee. The activity competitions can give out cash from a dollar or two, up to about $12 a week and many hundreds of free banner credits and text link credits too. Definitely worthwhile to check out. Many TE’s have something like this, but while they may be similar they can include different features.


How many members do they have? – This can be an important factor when thinking of joining a TE. There are thousands of them out there that you could sign up to but if their membership is too low, you wont have much success when showing your ads. Also, usually hand in hand with that is the fact that they probably wont have many of the popular features like the prizes or bonuses in the surf and they may have a low surf ratio. The TE’s with the large memberships do seem to have quite a lot to offer end users. Keep this one in mind. The biggest would have to be easyht4u with over 1 million members. Tezak traffic power is pretty big too.

How many URL’s do they give you? – This can vary from site to site. There are a few places that are a bit stingy on giving you many unless you pay to upgrade. But nowadays if you dont get at least five, I would say keep looking a little further until you find other better options.

Good earnings / referral bonuses – See if they pay referral bonuses to free members, many do now so you should be able to earn some cash from prizes in the surf etc, and for referring others. If they seem too stingy, look elsewhere.

Speaking of referrals, its good if you happen to notice eyecatching banners or splash pages for a site. These are important, and a good sign that maybe you can get some referrals to join without too much difficulty. In the long run, a few referrals can make a big difference in earning commissions and credits. In a few sites I have belonged to for a few years, I now have hundreds of referrals earning me thousands of credits and of course some cash too. The major benefit of this though, is that later on you wont have to do so much clicking yourself to earn the credits for your advertising. Your ‘army’ of referrals will be doing it for you!

Do they include a Banner exchange inside? – TrafficG and Hitlink are two of my favoured TE’s with many great features and benefits for their members. These two also are in my top 10 traffic websites list because they include a banner exchange onsite (BE). This where you get a snippet of banner code from them (or sometimes its a url) and you put it on your website. freebannercreditscodeEvery unique visitor to your website will get you credits from the BE. So, essentially you begin accumulating free advertising in the form of banners automatically, and all you had to do was place a little piece of code once to get it started. Pretty neat! This can add up to thousands of free banner credits very quickly. You could even look at putting together a simple site yourself to maximise this kind of benefit if you are so inclined. Have a look at my page on Free banner hits to learn more.

Handy tips for getting the most from your top rated traffic exchanges

One of the strategies I am glad I stuck to was to reserve at least 20% of my earned credits. I kept them just for promoting my splash pages and referral links on my best traffic exchanges. I learned early on that the real power of traffic exchanges lies in getting referrals and building your downlines. Most TE’s have a downline builder for other programs included where you put in your referral link for them. So when you get in new referrals, there’s a good chance they may join some of your other programs too.

It was tempting sometimes to use those credits for something else, especially when some weeks go by and you dont get any referrals. You have to stick with this plan though. Now, I have some pretty decent sized downlines that earn me credits and cash each week. It takes time, but be disciplined. You will be very thankful later, believe me.

For efficiency, I use firefox browser and open at least 10 tabs with my chosen TE’s of the day. I put on my headphones and pay some good music while in the surfing session. I use a utility called Quick Tab change with which I can program a key to change the tab on the browser. I can push the selected key with my left hand and use the mouse as normal in my right, so it really speeds up collecting credits flipping quickly between tabs. There maybe other better utilities than QTC available now to do this job, you may have to search the net to find what you like. I usually have a surf session for 1 to 1 and a half hours and try to get between 1200 to 1600 credits in that time. Sometimes more. Its fun this way and the time goes quick listening to music.


My next top rated traffic exchanges worthy of consideration

It’s difficult having a top traffic exchange sites list for my best TE’s as there really are some great sites that didnt quite make my top 10 best free manual traffic exchanges list. They are definitely worth having a look at though. Good hunting!

startxchange - end-users best free traffic




tezak traffic power


squirly traffic

squirly hits


eagle hitz

eagle hitz


Top traffic exchange – – Your Free Traffic Exchange – 1:1 Exchange Ratio, 5-Tier Referral Program. FREE Advertising! Ads

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