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See how to setup a site to boost your advertising efforts quickly and efficiently by utilising the power of banner exchange sites.You will see further below on this page, all the sites I am promoting and earn free banner credits from every time this page is viewed. As we all know, the more we show our offers, the more likely it is we will make sales. All it takes for this method to work is a little time and patience to set it up. The rewards from all of the extra free banner credits you will have available can be truly amazing.

You really can expect an incredible amount of credits, maybe hundreds, thousands or even more than one million hits in a very short time for building a site like this 🙂 Every time this page gets a visitor, I am credited by all the sites I am showing below and on some of my other pages. Not only that, I regularly get new referrals to those sites, and of course all the ongoing Credits that those referrals will earn for me in the future.

You will even find ways of earning cash, both as result of new members joining your sites and you getting commissions for them, and more importantly because of the many different ways you can monetize this kind of site! So read on to see how you can get set up to make banner exchanges work for you, to get longterm free banner advertising, 24/7.

Building a free banner ads page step by step.

There are a few important steps to complete to get your site up and running.

1: Setup a post like this, with a good clean looking theme.

2: Join some of the Best Free Banner Exchanges. This is where you will go to get the codes to display the banners like you see below that are encoded to credit you each time a unique view is registered by an end user.

3: Get some traffic to visit your site by joining some of the Best free manual traffic exchanges. You will advertise your page on these sites to get visitors who want free banner credits for their own advertising. Who wouldn’t like lots of free banner advertising, right? Some of these visitors will also join your site via the banners you have displayed.

4: Get some extra traffic to boost the credits after joining a few sites from the best autosurf traffic exchange sites. This will also help your site rank as the visitor numbers start to climb dramatically.

steps for free banner advertising

Now there are a number of ways you can build a site like this, so quite a lot to take into consideration. What kind of extra advertising to you want to put on your site? If its something like Adsense, then you will have to think about what kind of traffic you are sending to your site. You may not want to send any kind of auto traffic to your site as this may cause you problems with that. Check out the terms and conditions of those kinds of programs first before you proceed, so as to avoid any problems.

NOTE: This is my updated site built on wordpress. The original was built on a Blogger site
Go HERE if you wish to see the original blog site that got me more than one million hits in its first few months.


Getting started on boosting your free banner credits

The first thing you will want to do is setup your wordpress with a good, cleancut looking theme which looks great and loads fast. Some people think that to get a classy, clean cut good looking theme that you will have to pay for it. These days though, we are becoming spoiled for choice with plenty of free ones available. I chose this one, Mesocolumn, after searching and trying out a few for under ten minutes. It was created by Dezzain and is perfect for the job. Go to ‘appearance’ – ‘themes’ and then ‘add new theme’ to go through and choose one. Its very straight forward to follow the wordpress instructions to get it installed.

After you have your theme sorted, you will need to load a few plugins to help keep your site safe and help optimize it. I would recommend installing the Wordfence Security and Disable Author Pages plugins to prevent anyone or anything trying to damage or hack your site.

I am assuming you have a basic knowledge in setting up things in wordpress. If you dont, you can always search Mr Google for additional help.

Joining some of the best free banner exchanges.

What we want to do now is head over to the banner exchanges page which will show you the two things you need to do next. Here you can join some of them and you will need to collect some extra information. This is an important step so make sure you take your time a read thoroughly what you have to do to get what you need. When you have joined some and collected the necessary information, come back here for the next step.

Get traffic to your site from these top 10 best free manual traffic exchanges to join

The next step after getting the codes for your banner exchanges and placing them on your site is to get traffic flowing to it. You want to get that free banner advertising working for you. The easiest way to get things moving is to head over to the top 10 traffic exchanges here and check out this list of TE’s ranked by what they have to offer you. They are some of the best around feature wise and will allow you to get traffic today! So check it out, join the ones you like, and when you have done that, come back to this spot for the next step.. which is…

Deciding about what extra traffic to use

This is quite an important step. If you want to increase traffic to a site, one of the easiest ways is to join one or some of the best autosurf traffic exchange sites. However, there can be a problem with these kinds of sites as of course the traffic coming from them is mostly automated traffic with not many eyeballs looking at things. Some sites or advertisers dont like this so you have to read their terms and conditions before sending that kind of traffic their way. If you send this traffic to your site for example, you will increase the number of visitors dramatically which can help your site rank a little better. But if you have advertising on your site, the advertisers may not be happy with the kind of traffic or visitors to your site. So you will have to check this out so as not to cause problems for yourself later. It does pay to spend a little time and read the terms and conditions.

free banner credits

If you are sure you are ok with this kind of traffic and really want to boost numbers of visits, head over to the top 10 autosurf traffic exchanges to get started. Do be sure to read the information provided there, as there can be some associated problems when trying to generate traffic from these kinds of sites.

There is a vast difference in the quality of service provided them, they certainly aren’t all created equal! This is reflected in how well those sites weed out all the trouble in the surf and the info on that page will help you better understand which ones are recommended to join and use so as to avoid any bother.

And that is pretty much all the steps you have to do. Now it shouldn’t be too long before you notice you have quite a lot more free banner advertising to use to promote your offers. The more advertising you have, the better your odds are for success, right?


Viral Banner Coop





Best Free Banner Exchanges

Best Free Banner Exchanges

be heard with banner traffic

You will find on this post what I think is a selection of the best free banner exchanges to join. You are able to earn literally thousands of banner credits just by taking some code from these sites and displaying it on your website or blog. You are credited by the banner exchanges each time you get a unique visitor to your site, as your information is embedded into the code. It is a pretty neat way to rack up quite a lot of extra advertising without you having to do too much effort after a little time spent initially.

The great thing to remember about banner ads are they continue to work for you non-stop, 24/7. They are pretty much a set and forget type of advertising continually beiung shown as long as they have a steady supply of credits assigned to them. In this day and age, time is precious and this just makes sense to get these working for you as a way of working smarter.

Check out these banners for how to get free banner advertising by reading the simple instructions.

Note: Some of the Best Free Banner Exchanges are also free manual traffic exchanges also.

Viral Banner Ad Co-op
buckets of banners
Buckets of banners
the banner exchange
The banner exchange
traffic g
banner ad blaster banner exchange
Banner Ad Blaster

Finding the information you need on the banner exchanges

After joining some of the sites, you will need to find and save some extra information from them. You will need to find a place on their site where they give you a little snippet of code to display on your website or blog. On different sites they may put it in different places, but it isn't usually too hard to find. You can get an idea of what to look for in these examples below.


hitlink banner exchange code

From the main menu in Hitlink, first click on 'Manage Ads' and from the drop downmenu choose 'Ad Exchange' which will show you the above page. Then you will copy the code from the box (number 2)

Best Free Banner Exchanges - Hitlink Banner Code In Action

mul-te instructions 

On the Mul-te site, first you click the 'Earn Banner Credits' button and then you will see the banner code in the box that you should copy and paste into a notepad file, and save it to use later. Be sure to take care and copy all of the code not make a mistake. It has to be 100% correct or it won't work.

Best Free Banner Exchanges - Mul-TE Code In Action

viral banner ad co-op menu

In the Viral Banner Ad Co-op example, you can see you access the code snippet from the 'Earn Credits' button on the menu. Usually the code isn't too difficult to find on most sites, but sometimes you may just have to look about first.


Best Free Banner Exchanges - Viral Banner Ad Co-op In Action

Once you have saved your code snippets, you can then decide where you want to display them. Do you have a blog or a wordpress page where you get many visitors? If so, it's just a matter of placing the code on the page and everytime it gets a visitor, you'll be credited.

inserting banner exchange site code

In WordPress, first you will click on pages (or posts - depending on what you want to create), then secondly click on 'Text'. Third, you will paste in your desired code snippet for the banner you want to display on your page and earn credits from. Don't forget to click on the blue 'update' button on the far right side of the page to ensure your changes are saved. Above the blue 'update' button, you will see one labeld 'preview changes'. Click to open another tab and checkout what your page looks like.

That's it really. Pretty easy to setup a single banner exchange snippet on a single page to earn some free credits, right?

If you are wanting to know how to do it on a much larger scale to earn tens of thousands of free banner credits every week, then you had better head back to over to Banners And Traffic and follow the instructions there.



The Best Free Banner Exchanges To Join

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