Fast free website traffic with EagleHitz

Fast free website traffic with EagleHitz

EagleHitz is a traffic exchange that is both a fun and fast way of collecting traffic credits. To be honest here though, it didn't make my top 10 best free manual traffic exchanges, but wasn't far off it either. There is an important reason for me for why that is the case and it isn't particularly a 'negative', but I will explain more.

eaglehitz splash

EagleHitz has a three second timer while surfing, which is great if you like to quickly surf through a bunch of sites and collect a pile of credits. But just take a moment to think on that. Wouldn't many other surfers want to do exactly the same thing? That would mean that they are primarily there to collect credits and most likely wouldn't be paying as much attention to the pages that are advertised as with a site with a longer timer, like six to eight seconds which is more common.

With just a three second timer, the advertised page would possibly only just have enough time to load before the surfer is ready to click away to the next page. So because of this, I feel it is OK to earn credits here because you can do it very quickly without having to spend all day in the process. But when it comes to promoting my sites on this site, I am not so sure I really will be getting a lot of 'eyeballs' on them.

Eaglehitz features

The surfbar is based on a baseball theme and has a shortish three second timer, as mentioned before. Within this short time, you have to concentrate a little and you can be rewarded quickly for your effort.

Now normally with the other traffic exchanges I belong to, I like to surf in a group of up to ten.

traffic exchange surfbar

But Eaglehitz has a fun feature in the surf where it gets you to concentrate on watching out for four featured website networks and usually after you have viewed one of them a quiz question pops up asking you which one of the four did you last view. For this reason, I usually just surf this site by itself or sometimes may surf this and one other, alternating between them. Solving these questions is the best and quickest way to accumulate credits on this site. You get 5 free credits for every correct answer and it is usual to get 1 or 2 of these questions to answer for every 10 - 12 pages viewed.

Obviously, it will be up to you to find the balance of where you are comfortable surfing and gaining the maximum possible credits. You also win banner and text ad credits in the surf questions too.

So, it is safe to say it is a really good site for getting credits fast and it also supports pretty much all the regular features that many other traffic exchange sites do as well.

When it comes time to put all those credits youv'e earned into action and get a return on them, I tend to follow a strategy I talked about in this post HERE. Basically, what happens is that instead of putting in my link to my offer on eaglehitz, I prefer to assign the credits to a Co-op link. Say for example, I want to promote one of my favourite traffic exchanges - TrafficG. Normally I would copy my trafficG referral link and set it up . But remember before, when we covered the part where because of the short timer, maybe many people wouldn't get much of a chance or maybe wouldn't even notice my trafficG page in the surf. So the alternative way is to set up my TrafficG link on a Co-op site, and then take the Co-op link and set that up in Eaglehitz and use the credits to send to send traffic to the Co-op.

I have found this a much better way of getting results than advertising directly on a fast timer site where the surfers attention will mostly be missing your offer. There are quite a few of these sites around and maybe this method is something you can experiment with to see what you think is best.

The Co-op I use with my Eaglehitz traffic is called the Cooperative Marketing Group, or CoopMG.

cooperative marketing group for website traffic

I have had a pretty good run of getting referrals that came only from the links advertised on this Co-op. It has been going through somewhat of an upgrade phase recently and It looks tlike they are still tweaking a few things here and there. When you log in, you will see on the main page something like this - - where YOURIDNUMBER will be your unique CMG ID number. This is your Co-op link. On the menu at the top on the left of that page, you will see it says 'Co-ops' - under that submenu you will find a list of 'approved sources' - TE sites that you can advertise your CMG co-op link on to get credits.

So that is pretty much it. I can surf for less than 20 minutes and get around 300 credits and then send them to my CMG link which then gives me around 150 credits with them to advertise my offer link and a much better chance of getting results in the end.

If you have read my other post I mentioned earlier, you will see some of those sites or 'basic sites' as I refer to them on that post, can also be used to send traffic to your CMG Co-op link too.


I usually surf at least once or twice a week on EagleHitz. I have come to find that it is a pretty handy site to belong to, that can be relied on to always deliver you a sizeable chunk of credits without too much effort. You dont have to spend much time on it and that is very appealing for me. To set up a small '3 step system' like this is quick and easy - EagleHitz --> CMG Co-op --> Your Target Offer.


Give it a try and see if you like it. There's also a 500 credits sign up bonus too, when you join!

Use eaglehitz to increase website traffic


How to increase website traffic that converts

How to increase website traffic that converts with little effort

As most of us probably know, there are a lot of really good traffic exchange sites out there, but it is not always easy to find them. Sure, it is easy to just find new TE’s daily and join up. It doesn’t take much effort to join and then we can spend some time clicking to earn some credits, add our target site URL to that system and assign those credits. After a short time that can be quite a reasonable amount of traffic coming from those sites, viewing your site that you added. But the thing is, is it useful traffic?


soloadsurfer traffic exchangewebsite traffic from super solo traffic

real time trafficwebsite traffic from solo ads gone wildcaptain solo traffic exchangeSpace surf for getting website traffic to your offersreal time mega trafficskyline solos for website traffic



The ‘basic’ TE’s (Traffic exchange) we will be using in this method. More will be added to the bottom of this post in the future so check back.

Not all website traffic is equal

Are you getting results from your TE traffic? For example, making sales, getting referrals, signups or commissions? It is really important to realise not all website traffic is equal. On some TE’s it could be a case where you have to use 1000 credits or hits to get one conversion (sale, signup, referral etc) where as on other maybe it’s more like 200 for one. Which would you prefer?

Things change frequently with the online world and it certainly isn’t easy trying to keep up with which free traffic exchanges are giving the best results for your time invested. Many of the TE’s I am talking about here are free to join even though I am upgraded in a few to make the most of other advantages they have to offer. A point to remember is that even if you belong to a free traffic site, to earn credits, set up your site URL’s and add your banners, this all takes time. So it is costing you time. I think you would agree the less time we have to spend, the better, right?

So what if there was a way to join sites that we could get lots of credits on quickly (even if it is on lower converting traffic exchanges ) and somehow be able to use those credits in a more efficient way? A free traffic system where we dont have to spend a lot of time to get a large number of credits, but still get higher conversions on our offers or programs. One where once it is set up, it would only require us to maintain it a few times a month.

Well I have a few such systems in place and they run 24/7 and mostly all I do is sign in to the sites a few times a month, occassionally do a little clicking and assigning and thats it. These systems run for me all the rest of time, 99% on auto. This is what I want to show you how to set up for yourself.

The basic traffic exchange

You can see more on which traffic exchange sites are my most favoured on my other posts along with all the reasons why. But for this exercise, we will be using what I refer to as ‘basic traffic exchanges’. Do get me wrong, many of these sites have many features and are far from basic, but from my experience I have gotten ‘basic’ results from them and I only use them for a ‘basic’ function – to get quick and easy traffic to send to another site where the results you receive will be far superior. These other sites are called traffic co-ops. They are kind of like a TE that exchanges traffic between many sites cooperatively. We will use these sites in this example to ‘clean up’ the results we will get from our target site(s).


Website traffic diagram


Once you have logged in to your newly joined TE basic site, you will want to check out the home page carefully. Most of these sites I call the ‘basic’ sites are built around the real time script and are becoming very common. They are all similar in design but not the same because they can be customized. Some of the owners have special offers to entice new members. For example, one I joined recently gave 5000 credits and also an upgrade from pro (standard member) to lifetime JV (medium membership) just for joining and surfing 100 sites. That’s a pretty healthy start towards getting some decent free website traffic to our target!

They also differ in that some just feature surfing, but the ones we want have both surfing and solo ads. The reason for this is you can find different areas on the website where you can view solo ads to earn credits and you can earn them really fast!


earning website traffic credits

You can see in this example above, you get 3500 credits for viewing 1 solo! This amount can differ considerably from site to site, but that doesn’t matter – you will still accumulate credits quickly.

After you have looked around and checked if you can get any bonuses or promo codes on the home page, it is time to set up your URL(s) for your Co-op sites. Normally on these RTS (real time script) kind of sites, you will find the ‘add your sites’ section under the ‘Advertising’ section from the menu on the left. Next, you will want to join a TE Coop site or two.

explosive traffic coopglobal ad network for website traffic


These are two great Co-op’s I get good results from and we will be using in this method. More will be added to the bottom of this post in the future so check back.

When you join up with a traffic co-op, what you are going to need is the co-op link NOT the referral link. For both of these sites it should be fairly easy to find. For Global Ad Network it should look something like  – where ‘12345’ is your ID number and for Explosive traffic –  – where YourUserName is the user name you created when you signed up.

These co-op links are what you will add in the ‘add new sites’ section of your ‘basic’ sites. Note: Sometimes you will find the Traffic exchange admin may reject these co-op links for various reasons. Maybe some of the pages shown across them hold up the surf or whatever, it really seems to come down to what the admin believes. If this happens there are a couple of options.

You can always try to find more of the basic sites. There really are many of them. Again you just want them to be able to accumulate credits quickly, which will equate to free website traffic for you. Either by you clicking solo ads, where you can get credits fast, or by surfing – many of them give 3, 4, or even more credits per site viewed. Usually they only have about a 4 or 5 second timer. So even surfing on them can be a quick way of getting credits fast. So when you find a new one, try it out to see if they accept your co-op link.

Another way I have found to do things is to send the traffic from the ‘basic sites’ to a rotator. Then from the rotator to the co-ops and finally from the co-ops to your target site. This graphic shows the included rotator setup.

website traffic diagram with rotator

If you don’t belong to a good rotator, this is what I use and recommend here The rotator is great for tracking the hits during any given time.

Final thoughts

So that is pretty much ‘one little system’ to use that once set up, will run 24/7 pushing traffic through it until it gets to your target site. It really doesn’t take much effort to maintain it by topping up the credits in the  basic sites once in a while. Make a point to log into them at least once a month to check on everything, as a lot of them give you a bonus ad pack each month for signing in at least once.

The traffic Co-op’s differ in what they have to offer, but usually allow you to enter at least two URL’s. Global Ad Network allows 5 and Explosive Traffic allows 10. I will be adding a new post focussing on Co-op’s and all their advantages soon.

Once you have set up all the URL’s, dont forget you can also add banners and text ads too – and stack them up with heaps of credits! The great thing about setting something up like this is it allows you to get on with something else. We all lead busy lives right? We dont want to be endlessly clicking for credits when you can quite easily do this and use your time more wisely.

Dont forget to check back regularly for updates on the ‘basic sites’ and Co-op’s to use.

I hope you found this post on a timesaving way to get free website traffic to your target site, and get results interesting. Cheers.


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